Don’t be fooled if something looks like the bas body action system.

We are aware of fake BAS Body Action Systems because customers have been trying to return them to us! They are cheaply made and break immediately. Counterfeiters might be able to get away with purses or T-shirts but this is a piece of equipment that is made for abuse.

The BAS Body Action System is designed to be hit hard and take a beating – it’s a tough opponent and it’s built to last.

So unless you’re using it just to hang clothes on, you need to buy an authentic, heavy duty BAS Body Action System.

If you have any doubt or feel you have been taken advantage of, just send us an email and we’ll be happy to assist with further information.


“You were right, after punching at it for a couple of days, the arms broke and the head got twisted. I got 2000 back from the seller and I told him not to purchase these fakes anymore.” KS-Sweden
“I have it now for 2 weeks however it’s already faulty. The head is torn and cracked. I didn’t used any jewelry nothing. Also the red pads are let loose. Not to mention on the torso in the middle is a very sharp pointy metal something. What to now?” DT-Holland
“From the first time I used it there were tiny bits of foam falling out every time I hit the head. I’m not a big guy so I knew I wouldn’t of been able to break it but a few months ago I unzipped the cover on the head part and found the whole thing had split in 3 places.” PK-London
“I am writing to you because we desperately need a new head pad. We are living in Italy and we bought it via the internet and the foam inside the head pad is all clumps, distributing over the floor at every punch. They say though that they are not able to get the part and they don’t tell us who is their point of contact in the US.” SO-Italy
“I bought one of the full systems 1 week ago, and already the head pad is falling to pieces. The foam is disintegrating and when I opened the Velcro, found the foam has torn from the back plate. I am currently working in Kuwait and the local distributor says there is no warranty, Please let me know ASAP as even my 7 year old will totally destroy what is left of the head (in a matter of days).” RK-Kuwait